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Max Donaldson coach at Max-imum Fitness and Health

Max Donaldson

Fitness Coach

I started coaching fitness and nutrition in 2013 after I chose to turn an interest-which was becoming an obsession-into my profession. After years of coaching fitness and nutrition, I am even more obsessed than when I started. In the years leading up to me starting Max-imum Fitness and Health, I had been thinking more and more about my own longevity and healthspan, and what it would take for me to live as long as possible, and still be fit and healthy (i.e. this whole *being alive* thing is pretty great, how can I get the most out of it?) This started me on a life-long journey to learn and practice-and in some cases master-the things that can help me build a body that is strong, lean, flexible, and pain-free. Today, I am helping other people do the same thing.

Jeffrey Heng coach at Max-imum Fitness and Health

Jeffrey Heng

Fitness Coach

I love being a part of the team as a coach and overall just truly grateful for this opportunity in being able to do what I love which is to inspire and teach the importance of health and fitness to all skill levels. I am a big powerlifting fanatic and love the art of strength training and making training programs personalized, effective, and time efficient!

Cody Cordeiro coach at Max-imum Fitness and Health

Cody Cordeiro

Nutrition Coach

Nutrition is a close connection of mine after losing over 120 pounds from my heaviest. Experiencing a transformation like that is life changing and it’s led me to change career paths and help inspire others to have their own transformations themselves. Having been on both sides of the equation I know how REAL the struggle can be, and paired with over 7+ years experience training and coaching, it gives me a unique perspective to implement lasting change. If we work together I hope to collaborate with and help guide you to achieve your own unique health and nutrition goals. Aside from coaching, I’m also an avid weightlifter who has competed in powerlifting, scoring a gold, silver, and bronze in 3 different weight classes. When I’m not in the gym I enjoy spending time with my 4 year old daughter and wife, planning family activities, being a part of my church, and watching football in my free time. Go Eagles!

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