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getting fit is hard

We know how hard it can be to accomplish your goals.

you don't know what to do

We guide you through every step of the process with a custom program designed just for you.

you won't hold yourself accountable

Your coach (as well as everyone on the team) is dedicated to helping you stay on track and stick to your program.

you don't like working out

We don't either, which is why we train. Working out accomplishes burning a few calories, training is the practice of achieving mastery over the way your body moves.

movement with purpose


Our core belief at Max-imum Fitness and Health is that your body is your most valuable asset; and that consistent training is the best way of investing in the performance, body composition, and health of that asset over your lifetime.

Everything we do revolves around that belief. Everything we do revolves around helping you get the most out of your training for the rest of your life.


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fundamentals first

The movements that we practice here are simple enough to understand but very difficult to learn and master. We do them because they carry over to all other forms of training and all other areas of your life. These are movements that you can do for the rest of your life regardless of your current level of fitness.

minimal equipment

You can get in amazing shape with no equipment at all. The equipment (or lack thereof) is never the reason someone achieves or fails to achieve results, but a few key pieces of equipment can make a big impact on your training experience when used properly.

train with purpose

We train to become stronger, to gain control and awareness of our movement, to protect ourselves from pain and injury, and to empower us to endure obstacles. We work hard because we know we must work hard, but we train with a purpose--we train today, so we are better prepared to train tomorrow

"Working with Max I refound what I lost. He challenges me in manageable ways and now I’m re-motivated to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. I see things differently now benefiting from the insights he’s shared and uniquely qualified to provide due to his experience and commitment to the study of health, nutrition and fitness."

Justin Bradford Davis

"Trust this guy. Max is the most engaged and personal trainer I have ever worked with. He was interested in my goals, my routines, my life and habits outside of the gym, all in the interest of tailoring a program that was specific to me. And it worked; we both noted improvements in core strength, limb strength, balance and endurance. We never defaulted to the same boring routine; each workout had a purpose. Because of this, I looked forward to our sessions; with other trainers I have sometimes shown up less enthusiastically. Max is great conversation, thoughtful and very sincere. His focus on goals is the most fundamentally sound way to make progress. It's all there."

Barret Sides

"Max is an absolutely wonderful trainer. He works with you to find the best workout for who you are and what your goals are. Max is super positive and a great motivator. He pushes you, but doesn't push harder than you can handle. I've never enjoyed working out more than when I workout with Max. As for nutrition, this guy knows his stuff! He's a wonderful nutritionist. Max has not only shown me what and how to eat to be healthy, but also showed my why. He's helped me understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is still enjoyable. I couldn't have found somebody better to help get my healthy back to where I want it!"

Adam Rudy

"I trained with Max for a year and a half before unfortunately having to move away from Houston! That year and a half was some of the best training I had ever received. Max was not my first try with personal training and he outshined any experience I had before. A session with Max is always fun and challenging! Max is a great motivator and very encouraging! During that time, I gained strength and mobility I never thought I could achieve. He has helped lead me toward a happier and healthier lifestyle! I would recommend Max to anyone looking to change their lifestyle today, I know he helped change mine!"

Molly Johnson

"I have been training for about 3 months and Max is a top-notch, very well-informed, and helpful trainer. He also keeps the training program varied enough that you're consistently challenging your body while trying new and fun exercises. HE ROCKS!!! I've been training with Max 3 times a week for almost 5 months now and I've lost both inches and lbs and noticed a difference in my overall health. When I've not been able to attend my sessions due to vacation, Max has given me exercises to continue with whilst I'm away. Most recently Max has been teaching me more and more about nutrition, which has certainly been an eye opener when reviewing my own diet."

Ashley Campbell

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