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I started coaching fitness and nutrition in 2013 after I chose to turn an interest, which was becoming an obsession, into my profession. After years of coaching fitness and nutrition, I am even more obsessed than when I started. 

In the years leading up to me starting Max-imum Fitness and Health, I had been thinking more and more about my own longevity and healthspan, and what it would take for me to live as long as possible, and still be fit and healthy (i.e. this whole being alive thing is pretty great, how can I get the most out of it?) This started me on a life-long journey to learn and practice, and in some cases master, the things that can help me build a body that is strong, lean, flexible, and pain-free. Today, I am helping other people do the same thing.

amye donaldson

I have always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, but didn’t really get serious in training until my late twenties. I had a few personal trainers and bounced around classes ranging from pilates to CrossFit. When I met Max who was always moving, doing and adventuring I knew I needed to keep up. 

I have a love for weight training (especially kettlebells), interval training and doing all workouts to a good beat. I have been told I am “bubbly” and I do agree a good workout puts me in the best mood. 

I share two beautiful daughters with Coach Max and they are also a big part of being in the fitness industry. Having them in my late 30’s and early 40’s makes me want to stay strong, healthy and always keep up with their energy.

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