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Max-imum Fitness and Health is a personal training studio with a long-term, fundamentals-first approach for people that have tried everything else. If you are going to train for the rest of your life (if you are going to start you might as well keep going), it seems logical to start by learning the basics, then training with the intention of mastery--regular practice over a long period of time. It works for learning an instrument, playing a sport, or building any other skill--this is no different. 


"Anything worth having is worth working for, and anything worth working for is worth the suffering that comes from learning how to do it well."

private personal training

Training can be intimidating and confusing, especially when you are just getting started. Private sessions are the best way to ensure you are always using proper form, using the equipment properly, and most importantly, that you are working hard enough to see results but not hard enough to risk injury.

There may be other people there training in other stations, but you have the full attention of the coach during your session.

Semi-Private Personal Training (1-4)

Once you begin to feel comfortable training, semi-private is a great way to start spending some time working on your own, while still always having access to your coach.

During the session, your coach will be moving between stations to work with each person individually, but may occasionally pull some or all of the members into the coach station to work on a specific movement together.

nutrition Coaching

Training is a critical part of building a body that you love, but equally important is what you do outside of the gym. And if you’ve ever tried to do this part alone, you know how confusing it is to figure out and how difficult it is to stick to long-term.  

With Nutrition Coaching you’ll get personalized nutrition recommendations that fit your lifestyle, along with continued support and guidance every step of the way to ensure you make progress no matter what life throws at you.

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